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Restoration Services

Yorkshire furniture restoration at Andersbrowne

Furniture, no matter how well looked after, may need a makeover now and then. It certainly beats the cost of replacing with new, reduces waste and ensures you can enjoy it for many more years.

We offer a high quality restoration service for furniture at competitive prices. 

Wood and furniture restoration

  • Veneer repair and reveneer
  • Tighten loose joints and repair/custom build broken parts
  • Strip, sand, and refinish. A variety of finishes are available; lacquer, shellac, wax and oil
  • Removal of painted finishes
Furniture restoration, repair and upholstery services in Hull, Yorkshire at Andersbrowne

Leather restoration

  • Leather and vinyl repair
  • Leather and vinyl replacement

Custom Glass replacement

Replacement dining chair seat pads and small upholstery work

  • Seat pad upholstery
  • Danish cord replacement

Large upholstery work for wood framed furniture (we partner with an expert upholsterer so can quote for combined work)

Mid century furniture restoration, leather repair and upholstered service in Yorkshire by Andersbrowne

Consultancy services and valuations

Collection and delivery (mileage charge)


Why restore?

There are so many benefits to having your furniture restored.

1. Reduce waste and live more sustainably 

Mid century furniture restoration and leather repair in Beverley, Yorkshire

Restoring a vintage piece not only reduces waste but avoids adding to our carbon footprint by buying new, often imported furniture or materials.

With our years of experience of bringing furniture from this era back to life, we know that a well-restored piece can last another lifetime.

2. Refresh tired furniture.  

Even the best looked after pieces can seem dull and tired over time.  Polishing and cleaning (depending on the products) may have caused dust to settle into the old finish or grain.  Sunlight and water damage can fade and discolour wood.  You can take a look at our Wood Carepage for some simple tips on refreshing your vintage piece.

Having your favourite piece restored need not always be a mammoth task.  Sometimes just restoring the top or main section can make all the difference, depending on your budget.

3. It may not be as bad as it looks

Sometimes damage can look far worse than it actually is.  Broken legs can be custom built and stained to match.  Veneer damage may be filled or transformed with a re-veneer to the damaged area.  Dining chairs may just need some regluing to joints. 

Whatever the damage, we can assess and quote with options.  If we believe that you can do it yourself, we are happy to advise.

Contact us at 01482 380556 or email with photos for an estimate.  Alternatively, use the email link at the top of the menu.