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April 07, 2020 2 min read

Hello and welcome,

We are delighted to welcome you to our Andersbrowne website.  We hope you like it. 

The inspiration for AndersBrowne began back in 2018 whilst we were sourcing furniture for our new home on a shoestring budget. 

We both had a fondness for modern design - He (who shall be named Anders) preferred minimalist mid century modern style and I (who shall be named Browne) had a desire to mix it up with other periods and styles.  The result was a home that became a revolving interior as items went up on sale and more were bought in. 

Never in our wildest dreams did we expect we would be shipping furniture across the globe to USA, Japan, Singapore, Russia, Canada and to our European neighbours.   Not to mention here in the UK.  We are hugely grateful to all of our lovely customers to date.  It has been such a pleasure, truly one of the best parts of the job.  It is so exciting to give vintage furniture a new home and future.  

Why not take a look out our About Us page for more information

On the subject of being British, we will also be sharing some of our lessons learned, otherwise known as total mess-ups.  Self-deprecation is our best export :-)  but that's for another day....

Last, but not least, in refinishing, repairing and/or restoring our products we gained a true appreciation of the quality of manufacture and design that is hard to find in today's mass produced furniture market at the same budget.   

So what will be new for the year ahead?

A lot fewer dinner party invitations, that's for sure....

But aside from that, one of the questions we are asked most is, 'How do I care for my order?'.  We will be sharing our knowledge in future posts and adding to our website page as we go along.  

We can't wait to share some of the new and exciting arrivals coming up in the next few months.

Watch this space for more AndersBrowne updates...



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